Contract Logistics

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JTC’s Contract Logistics division aims to provide affordable, one - stop logistics and warehouse services for your turnkey transportation and storage requirements in Kuwait, by offering superior service with over 300 assets, 24/7 operation, innovation and optimized resources.

Contract Logistics division has specialized, highly skilled workforce and comprehensively equipped with wide range of well-maintained transport equipment.

We offer Complete Distribution Network Management with port to Warehouse facility, Covered Warehousing, and Open Storage facility at 10KM distance from Shuaiba Port with proximity to KNPC, KOC and major new projects in Kuwait.

Flat Bed & Low Bed Trailers

General Transportation

Standard Flat Bed & 18 meters long Trailers.

High-Capacity Low-Bed Trailers from 60 – 120 tons.

  • From port to your storage facility (To & From).
  • Shuttling of Containers and General Cargo.

Open Storage & Warehousing

With our flexible warehouse solutions, you will benefit from modern and secure storage facilities, indoor as well as outdoor including site location and staffing and facility operations. We offer Covered Warehousing and Open Storage South of Kuwait, 10 Kms from Shuaiba port. Proximity to KNPC, KOC as well as ongoing large-scale construction projects.
We have 24/7 operations, 24-hour security with fencing and Site segregation as per client’s needs.

Project Logistics

  • Our dedicated Contract Logistics Division uses technology and innovation to deliver optimized and reliable solutions.
  • Whatever the complexity and the geographical scope, we will design, execute and monitor logistics chain strategy to help keep our promises to our loyal customers.

Bulk Transportation

A major bulk fuel transporter since 1979, we are experts in various petroleum grades. We operate and maintain KNPC approved fuel tankers in Kuwait, with capacities ranging from 5,000L to 36,000L. In addition, we offer you

  • Industrial Effluent Tankers (36,000L to 54,000L liters).
  • Potable Water Tankers (30,000L to 40,000L liters)
  • Vacuum Tankers.

Turnkey Solutions

Contract Logistics, in conjunction with the other JTC divisions, deliver integrated and turnkey solutions, making us a preferred service provider for our customers. Using our modern fleet of cranes, material handling equipment, trucks & trailers, coupled with storage facilities and value-added services, we offer a complete delivery solution from port to your end destination in Kuwait.

Value Added Services

  • Qualified and experienced drivers - regularly assessed and trained in-house to meet stringent standards.
  • 24/7 operations, 365-day operations a year.
  • Advanced ERP Management System.
  • Full Maintenance and Technical Support.