Power Rental

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JTC’s Power Rental Division provides short-term and long-term power solutions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from on-demand generator rental to multi-MW power projects.

Our large fleet of Diesel Generators ranges from 50KVA to 1250KVA for prompt and timely rentals to all clients.

Our high-quality equipment and qualified team offers you

Power Projects: Rapid deployment of multi-mega Watt, low or high voltage configurations for medium to long term hires often in remote or hostile environments.
Oil Field: Demanding reliable, continuous power, 24hrs per day, 365 days per year on safety critical installations in remote locations.
Depot Power: For power requirements of a varied client base; from utilities providers, to construction sites, industries, even small-scale private clients for important social events.

Diesel Generators (Energy-Efficient)

  • 50KVA to 1,250KVA Prime Power.
  • Dual Frequency 50/60 Hz. Rated at 50°C Ambient.
  • Synchronization & Load Sharing Capabilities.
  • Multi-function Digital Controller.
  • Inbuilt Fuel Tanks for 8-10 Hours Operations.
  • Fully Automatic Remote Operations.
  • Sound-proof Enclosures. Silent Units.
  • Spark Arrestors and Residential Mufflers.

Fuel Tanks

  • 500L to 30,000L Capacity.
  • Fully bunded ISO HC Container.
  • Compliant with KNPC Design Guidelines.
  • Designed as per UL 142 / BS 2594 Standards.
  • High-Quality Welded Steel Construction.
  • Tested Hydrostatically / Pneumatically.
  • Single Skin Fuel Tanks also available.


  • 250KVA to 6,300KVA Capacity.
  • IEC-60076 Standards.
  • 380,480V LV / 4.16, 6.6, 11, 13.8, 33, 34.5kV HV.
  • 50/60 Hz.
  • Oil Immersion Type, ONAN Cooling.
  • Portable, Containerized, and Skid Types.
  • Equipped with GIS / MVSG.
  • Equipped with full protection and control.

Power Accessories

  • Synchronization Panel.
  • Distribution Panel.
  • Totalizing Panel.
  • Manual / Automatic Transfer Switch.
  • Double Incomer Panel.
  • Cables and Connectors.
  • Load Bank.
  • Fuel Systems.

Why JTC Power Rental?

  • Unrivaled Customer Service.
  • High Expertise.
  • Customized Solutions.
  • Rapid Mobilization.
  • Ultra-Safe Equipment.
  • Clean & Silent Operations.

Value Added Services

Engineering Design & Consulting: We help you design and implement small to medium power projects of different types of configurations, based on your requirements.

Installation & Commissioning: Our engineers & technicians help in the optimal installation of power sites to ensure maximum safety, reliability, and convenience.

Maintenance & Support: We offer best-in-class maintenance services and training for customers.

Project Management: We manage and execute power projects of all sizes.

Synergy Through Divisions

In Kuwait, we also offer you comprehensive solutions through integration with services of other JTC divisions –

  • Ports Management
  • Contract Logistics and
  • Equipment Leasing